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$799,189 in a year with email marketing

We've been working with this Sports apparel brand for a year now, and till date, we’ve generated $799k for them with email alone.

Major Challenges:

  • High Cart Abandons

  • No dedicated retention marketing team

Here's how we did it:

  • Setup a popup to gather gender data points

  • Created two different welcome series for each data points and promoted hero products

  • Sent two weekly campaigns for both men and women audience separately

  • Improved KPI’s for high purchase intend flows every 3 months

  • Made sure that the email copy resonates perfectly with brand values

Impact of our Strategies:

With the gender data point, we were able to highly relevant and personalized email campaigns that resulted in

  • Higher open rates

  • Improved click through rates

  • Better conversions with each email sent

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