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$405,579 in a year with email alone

This Chic Kid's Fashion & Apparel brand made 30% of their total annual revenue with email alone.

LQ Media - Fashion & apparel brand Klaviyo

LQ Media - Fashion & apparel brand Klaviyo 150k revenue

LQ Media - Fashion & apparel brand Klaviyo 450k revenue

Major Challenges:

One major challenge working with this brand was that they had over 100+ SKU's. Having more products meant it will be difficult for us to send relevant product recommendations to the readers.

Here's how we did it:

We solved this issue by creating over 20+ custom segment of audiences only focused on their product preferences. We then used these segments to sent more personalized and relevant product recommendations to the customers, resulting in higher conversions

And in addition to this, we

  • Created a tailored marketing calendar

  • Set up a pop up with irresistible offer

  • Built 10+ email flows and 3 weekly campaigns

  • Implemented Advanced spilt and conditional testing strategies

  • Optimized and improved KPI’s every 3 months

Impact of our Strategies:

After implementing advanced strategies like RFM segments, multiple A/B testing, conditional and trigger splits, we were able to deliver highly relevant and personalised emails to the customers which resulted in

  • Higher open rates

  • Improved click through rates

  • Better conversions with each email sent

  • Average monthly customer returning rate went to 52%

  • Average order value increased by 15%

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