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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of businesses we works with?
    We work with eCommerce companies that have a decent monthly revenue of over at least $25k, regardless of their industry. We decide to work with a company based on whether we can help them achieve their goals. If you're doing less than this, talk to us here and lets see if our consultation services would a be fit for you.
  • Do you offer consultation services? And how does it work?
    Yes, we do offer consultation services to brands who have the bandwidth to do all the creatives (design and copywriting) in-house. We work with the brand's in-house team to plan, strategize and help execute the marketing efforts.
  • How will it be different from what we're doing currently?
    Our approach to working with eCommerce businesses will be different from what you may have experienced before. Our focus is on implementing advanced strategies that can help increase the customer's lifetime value (LTV) and average order value (AOV). We take a customer-first approach where we aim to provide relevant and engaging content to customers, rather than spamming them with irrelevant offers. By prioritizing the customer's needs and preferences, we can build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, we implement a value-first approach to selling products. Instead of using aggressive sales tactics, we use educational and fun campaigns to indirectly promote the products. This approach helps customers to see the value in the product and how it can benefit them, rather than simply being sold to. However, we can only give the right answer when we've audited your account.
  • How long will it take until I start generating revenue?
    Each brand is unique, but most of our clients see a jump in revenue one to two months after we implement our strategies.
  • How can your email marketing agency help me improve deliverability for my email campaigns?
    To understand what causes poor deliverability, we first run a deliverability audit, including checks of the authentication setup, spam triggers, and IP address reputation. We then address each issue to ensure your emails land in the inbox and avoid the dreaded spam folder.
  • How will I know your efforts are delivering results?
    We provide weekly reports with metrics, including sales revenue, cart abandonments, and re-engagement campaign results. Plus we get access your own client portal, where you can track every behind the scenes, work progress and future marketing plans
  • What Tech Stack do you recommend?
    For Brands based in US/CA/UK and AUS: We use Klaviyo and postscript For Brand based in India: We use Contlo as our omnichannel marketing software or else we Klaviyo for email and Wati for WhatsApp
  • What if we're not on any of your recommended software?
    We got you. Seamless list migration from your current providers to ours.

Still Got Questions?

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