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$659 to $10k in One Month

This women's accessories brand jumped from 5% to 43% monthly revenue within just one month of working with us.

Major Challenges:

This community based brand had a very loyal base of social followers and customers, yet they were not doing any email marketing.

  • No paid advertising, only IG and TikTok Community

  • No retention systems

Here's how we did it:

  • We created a popup with an promise of creating a personalised order packaging video (to be featured on social media) with every order they made using the popup code with a minimum average cart value of $100.

  • We work with the team to create and share multiple short form videos asking the audience to sign up to the email list

  • We made sure that the messaging of all the high purchase intend flows and campaigns is meaningful and creates a sense of belonging and community which helped us achieve an average CTR of over 5%

  • We started off by sending highly engaging email campaigns (behind the scenes of manufacturing, packaging, day to day life at, introducing the team and founder’s family)

  • We made sure that deliverability was on point, so we started with less design heavy emails and targeted only engaging segments

  • Introduced SMS

Impact of our Strategies:

  • Improved click through rates

  • Improved AOV

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