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Increase Revenue with the same ad Spend

Break Past 30% 
With Your
Retention Sales.

We are a team of eCom nerds dedicated to helping you unlock $50,000-$100,000 or more in untapped revenue from your existing customers with Email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing.

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Expect Exceptional Results With LQ Media

"We’ve been working with LQ Media for over a year now and we have seen exceptional growth in email and sms revenue, we're more than happy" ~ Jimmy Fuller

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Our Secret Sauce for Sky Rocketing ROI

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Conversion Optimised Creatives

We infuse the art of direct response copywriting, brand storytelling, and intuitive design for high-converting content that customers love and emotionally connect with, leading to long-term loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Highly Personalized and Relevant Targeting

Forget one-size-fits-all marketing: We craft targeted strategies based on historical user behavior to establish strong relationships with current and potential customers. With personalized and hyper-relevant brand storytelling, we increase lead captures and drive higher conversions. 

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Strategic Approach And Data Driven Optimisation

We leverage powerful insights from Shopify and analytic tools to regularly test, monitor, and optimize every bit of data to ensure that we are never playing a guessing game with your business. This is when we double down on what works to increase conversions, average order
value, and customer lifetime value.


Hear It from Our Clients

Pranav and Nupur have become a total asset to our team. These two have been killin' it, seriously doubling our email revenue in just half a year! Not only that, they've been a huge help in all other aspects of running a brand. We're so grateful to have them on our side

Jackie Cababia, Founder, Camel Mountain

How Do We Make Your Life Easier And This Partnership a No-Brainer? 

Proven Strategies that Drive Sustainable Growth

Basis Payment Plans

Access to

a Client

for Full Transparency

Lasered Focused

on only 



Real Profit Lies in Retention.

Maximize profits with customer retention. Retain existing customers for sustained growth and profitability. Create a positive and impactful experience for repeat business. Don't miss out on the real profit potential - invest in retention today
Find out growth potential within your business, and see exactly where profitable revenue is hiding in plain sight.
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